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The Birth

Naturally Africa was born in a small coastal town called Muizenberg in Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded with the goal of redefining the textured hair community, by helping to provide consumers with the tools needed to tend to and transform their hair, naturally.

The Purpose

Naturally Africa was founded by an incredible, diverse group of women at The Cape Town Toiletry Company. These women understand the need for a haircare range that provides textured hair with the sustenance and gentle touch needed for hair to look its best.

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The Reason

Each member of the Naturally Africa team invested a piece of themselves into shaping the brand into what it is today. For the long-standing members of the team, this was an opportunity to share their knowledge and industry insights with their colleagues to help them grow and learn. Others were excited just to be given the opportunity to showcase their skills on an international level. From interns to directors everyone felt that they could contribute to the project and help make Naturally Africa great.

The Core

The Naturally Africa product range was created with you in mind.

No one is immune to a bad hair day. Dry scalp, frizzy, fragile or brittle hair can be time-consuming and uncomfortable at the best of times. Naturally Africa aims to address these everyday concerns and treat them with the care and attention they deserve.

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The Naturally Africa team invested months in perfecting each product, ensuring that the range would protect, moisturise and nourish your hair and scalp – from root to tip. Each ingredient used in this unique range has been thoughtfully selected to serve a purpose and bring you a collection that provides affordable, effective, quality products, that supports the lifestyle of textured hair. Naturally Africa is +95% naturally derived and clean beauty, this means that each product is cruelty-free, with a vegan-friendly formula.

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Ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil and prickly pear flower extract all contribute to reinforcing, moisturising, strengthening, purifying and soothing both hair and scalp. Naturally Africa aims to enhance your natural hair. Leaving it softer to touch, visibly healthy and full of life.
(For more information on the ingredients click here)

Let Naturally Africa be a part of your haircare journey, whether it be styling, moisturising, cleansing, curling or treating your hair- there is a Natural assistant and for every occasion.

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Meet the team:

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